Case Study: Negotiate Client Presence at a Major Community Event
This particular client had exhibited at a major annual event for the past 3 years. The event is free to attendees, in an urban area of a large metropolitan city and draws approximately 400,000 people over 3 days. Area streets are closed to accommodate artists, entertainment, food and other merchant vendors.
Increase client quantitative metrics over previous years while keeping costs down. These metrics include increasing the number of customer leads and program sign-ups as well as demonstrating quantifiable growth of brand awareness by increasing the number of customer interactions and impressions at this event.
At previous activations, our client had a mediocre location that did not optimize visibility or customer interactions. In addition, the exhibit fee was high relative to other similar sponsorships and the real and anticipated results.
Energy Resources reviewed the proposed contract and negotiated the sponsorship elements to better reflect the client goals and vision for this activation. In-person meetings and site visits provided opportunity to share immediate and long-term client goals with the event hosts, resulting in a revised exhibit location in the highest trafficked area of the event. At the same time, these negotiations resulted in a 30% decrease in the sponsorship fee.
  • Brand Awareness: 51% increase 2014 over 2013
  • Program sign-ups: 140% increase 2014 over 2013
  • Customer leads generated: 32% increase 2014 over 2013
  • 2015 location and sponsorship fee maintained at 2014 agreement level